Why barefoot?

Going barefoot is the most natural thing in the world. The human foot is developed in such a way that it "works" best without shoes. Nevertheless, in our modern world we find it difficult to get by without shoes. This makes it all the more important to wear shoes that do not impair our natural movement functions, but rather promote and support them in the best possible way.

Our Tip For You

Going barefoot is considered one of the best preventive measures against foot deformities. The muscles, ligaments and tendons are optimally trained by the intensive movement and thus also strengthened. Speaking of which - of course this also applies to the adult foot.

Owner Mag. Jeanne Ligthart

Barefoot-shoes offer a lot of room to move for the natural movements of the human foot. This is due to the extremely flexible soles, movable upper materials and cuddly last shapes. The sensitive, soft childlike foot - consisting of 26 cartilaginous bones, over 1700 nerve endings, muscles, ligaments and tendons - has a lot of freedom of movement in barefoot shoes. Going barefoot is considered one of the best preventative measures against foot deformities. When walking barefoot, the muscle power is trained and therefore the foot of the arch can develop healthily. Early childhood foot development is supported and optimally promoted by training the foot muscles.

That is why we recommend high-quality barefoot-shoes for children's feet and carry top brands such as Filii, Affenzahn, Ricosta-Barefoot, Babybare, etc.

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The delicate child's foot consists of 26 bones, 1700 nerve-endings, numerous muscles, ligaments and tendons.