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up to size 40!

Why is professional advice so important when buying children's shoes?

In addition to the correct shoe length, the correct shoe breadth and shoe width are also crucial for a well-fitting children's shoe. The width is defined by the height of the shaft height of the shoe, the shoe width is determined by the breadth of the sole (outer sole/cover sole). Expert advice is defined by analyzing the special features of a particular foot and incorporating them accordingly in the product recommendation.

Our Tip for You

High-quality branded children's shoes are not inexpensive, so it is all the more important to buy shoes that have been properly fitted and will give you joy for as long as possible.

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Moreover, the pain perception of the child's foot is not yet as strong. Children rarely feel whether the shoe pinches or is already too small - which in turn can lead to long-term damage. This means that children, especially if they are smaller, cannot really articulate whether shoes fit properly and fit well. Therefore, it is all the more important to make the right purchasing decision with the help of professional sales consultation, so that you can enjoy your children's shoes for a long time.

We take care of children's feet!

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Ideally, children should always be present when buying shoes so that shoe experts can measure the feet and check the fit.

Do I need an appointment for a consultation?
NO, an appointment is not necessary!

It is not necessary to make an appointment with us for consultation on the purchase of children's shoes. If short waiting times are important to you, we recommend that you visit us between 12h and 15h.