Cooperation CliniClowns

We greatly value the work of CliniClowns Austria and are therefore extremely proud to be their official partner! In our shops you have the opportunity to donate directly on-site to CliniClowns. Help us to bring a smile to the faces of severely ill children! © SMW-Schuhhaus



We donate to the CliniClowns!

The CliniClowns bring joy and laughter to severely ill children in hospitals, and that is incredibly important! Because, to put it in the words of the CliniClowns: "Laughter is life! And yes, we are alive!"

The work of CliniClowns gives severely ill children and their families a feeling of joy, even if this is just for a moment, and helps them break through overwhelming situations with a laugh. For that we say: THANK YOU!
Thank you for the precious work and thank you to all our dear customers, who also donate to CliniClowns on-site in our two shops.

SMW-Schuhhaus - Your Specialist for Children's Shoes, 2x in Vienna! We take care of children's feet! © SMW-Schuhhaus

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In our shops you have the possibility to donate directly on-site to CliniClowns.