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Since the establishment of SMW-Schuhhaus in 2015, we have made it our mission to offer healthy and well-fitting children's shoes from renowned children's shoe manufacturers. We consult our  clientele with great passion and expertise. After all, just as every person has an individual fingerprint, so does every person have an individual foot shape. Some children have very narrow feet, others very wide. It is indeed important to find the right shoe for the child's individual foot shape. S M W - stands for "schmal, mittel, weit" which means narrow, medium, wide - we offer children's shoes in different widths. For the exact analysis of the child's foot we use our specially developed, electronic children's foot measuring device.

More than 15 high-quality children's shoe brands, as well as a particularly wide range of first-step shoes, combined with individual consultation by qualified children's shoe experts, are the reasons why SMW-Schuhhaus is Vienna's children's shoe specialist.


We hope to have sparked your interest and would love to welcome you very soon in our SMW-Schuhhaus 1070 or 1090 Vienna.

Wir achten auf Kinderfüsse!


Mag. Jeanne Ligthart

Our Tip For You

High-quality children's shoes are fitted very precisely to the feet by our expert sales team. This means that your child will have a lot of fun with well-fitting branded shoes on a day to day basis. Quality kids shoes range from 50 Euros in the small sizes and can cost up to 100 Euros in the large sizes for the winter pairs.  If consultation and service are important to you, you will love our offer - as many, many regular customers of ours do by now.  Please keep in mind that we are a specialized shop and therefore might have slightly premium prices than comparable offers on the internet.


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