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Our entire sales team is well trained and will be happy to provide you with personal and professional consultation when you purchase the first shoes! We have a wide range of excellent first-step shoes! On this picture you can see first-step shoes from the brand Richter. © SMW-Schuhhaus


The purchase of the first shoes is usually a very special moment for a child, but also for the parents. Often times people aren’t familiar yet with the ins & outs and therefore aren’t exactly sure what to look out for. We - at SMW-Schuhhaus - are specialized in offering our customers the best advice and this is especially important when buying first shoes.


Our entire sales team is very well trained and will be happy to provide you with professional consultation in all aspects of your first shoe purchase.

Frequently asked questions regarding the subject “first shoe purchase”

  • How will I know if the shoe fits?

  •  What foot shape and size does my child have?

  •  What do I have to pay special attention to when it comes to first shoes?

  •  When does my child actually need shoes?

  •  How long will the first shoes fit?

We will be happy to answer all your questions in our SMW-Schuhhaus shops.

Jeanne Ligthart is the owner and founder of SMW-Schuhhaus. © SMW-Schuhhaus

Our Tip For You

For a quiet, relaxed consultation regarding "first shoe purchase", we recommend that you plan a purchase in the morning on weekdays.

Owner Mag. Jeanne Ligthart


Myths about first shoes

Myth number 1: "A child needs shoes in order to learn how to walk."

WRONG. Kids don't need shoes until they're ready to walk.  Evolution didn't intend for children to have to own shoes before they could walk. The process of learning to walk is a completely natural process that does not require external support such as shoes. The first shoe is only necessary when the child makes its first attempts at walking outdoors and therefore needs protection for its feet. The better the child's natural walking is supported, the better it is for foot health.

Myth number 2: "First shoes should be sturdy and have plenty of support."
WRONG. First of all, first shoes must support the child's natural learning process of walking and not hinder it with inflexible, hard soles. Therefore, when buying first-step shoes, you should pay particular attention to a soft, flexible sole, materials free of harmful substances and cuddly, skin-friendly upper materials. The correct fit is also extremely important. The shoe should neither be too wide nor too tight - this also applies to the length. Shoes that are too short or too long would harm the sensitive little feet of children.

Do I need an appointment?
NO, an appointment is not necessary!

If this is your first shoe purchase we recommend that you visit us during the week, preferably in the morning,
because it is usually a bit quieter in our shops around this time.

If this is not possible for you, you and your family are of course more than welcome to visit us throughout the entire span of our opening hours.