Healthy Slippers

Slippers that have a healthy fit are of great importance at SMW-Schuhhaus! This is why you will only find sustainably produced slippers made of high-quality materials. We exclusively carry top brands, which are known for their high-quality slippers. These are for example Superfit, Naturino, Giesswein and many more! © SMW-Schuhhaus



An Austrian study carried out in 2001 in cooperation with the Regional Health Insurance Fund of Burgenland (BGKK) found that 59.4% of all children currently wear slippers that are too small.*

Slippers are often worn much longer during the day than street shoes. Think of the kindergarten, school, after-school care and of course your home. Slippers that do not fit, are too small or too tight will cause foot damage in the same way "normal shoes" do. In addition, cheap slippers - i.e. typical container goods from Asia - often save on materials and manufacturing.

Only sustainably produced goods made of high-quality materials with a healthy fit are a good investment in your child's foot health in the long-run.

Jeanne Ligthart is the owner and founder of SMW-Schuhhaus. © SMW-Schuhhaus

Our Tip For You

We also offer slippers that are suitable for orthopaedic insoles.
Visit us during our "Hausschuh-Tage" (Slipper Days) and benefit immensely from our in-depth consultation as well as our fantastic special prices for slippers.

Owner Mag. Jeanne Ligthart

SMW-Schuhhaus Hausschuh-Tage
in February and August

Since the subject of “HEALTHY SLIPPERS – HEALTHY CHILDREN’S FEET” is a topic that the founder of SMW-Schuhhaus – Mag. Jeanne Ligthart – is really passionate about, we make it a priority to organize
these special Slipper Days bi-annually (February and August) since 2019.

The promotion will be announced in time on Facebook and Instagram.
In addition to in-depth consultation on the subject of “Healthy Slippers”, we also offer special discounts on the shoe category “Slippers”.

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We take care of children's feet!
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SMW-Schuhhaus - Your Specialist for Children's Shoes, 2x in Vienna! We take care of children's feet! © SMW-Schuhhaus

SMW Schuhhaus Info

If you are unsure whether your child's slippers still fit properly, you can gladly seek consultation from one of our trained children's shoe specialists in our SMW-Schuhhaus shoe shop.

*Austrian research projects “children’s feet – children’s shoes” (2001-2003)