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We pay attention to the fit of children's shoes and take care of children's feet! You can have the fit checked by us at any time, because it is important that this is checked regularly! © SMW-Schuhhaus

up to size 40!

Children walk about 3.5 million steps a year - we believe this makes children's shoes the most important piece of clothing.
Children's feet are growing and are constantly changing.
The pain perception of children's feet is not yet as strong. Children rarely feel whether the shoe pinches or is already too small - which in turn can lead to long-term damage. The foot bones of children only become firm over the years. Due to the soft cartilage structure, children's feet are therefore especially at risk when wearing the wrong shoes. A well-fitting children's shoe is therefore all the more important. In addition to the correct breadth and width, the correct length is also essential. Please note that the correct addition always depends on the length of the child's foot. The addition increases proportionally to the shoe size and is between approximately 15mm to 25mm.

Jeanne Ligthart is the owner and founder of SMW-Schuhhaus. © SMW-Schuhhaus

Our Tip For You

Have children's feet measured and the fit checked regularly in certified specialist shoe shops.

Owner Mag. Jeanne Ligthart

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We take care of children's feet!
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Our leading range of children’s shoes


We carry models from leading children’s shoe manufacturers
from first-step shoes to children’s shoes in size 40, in different widths.

SMW-Schuhhaus - Your Specialist for Children's Shoes, 2x in Vienna! We take care of children's feet! © SMW-Schuhhaus

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The feet must never grow into the pushing or rolling area, because this area is required as extra length for the rolling or pushing movement of the foot and should always remain free, otherwise the first foot deformities or even malpositions can develop.