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The most valuable gift in life is health.

High-quality children's shoes in particular can promote and support healthy foot development during formative developmental phases of the child. With our SMW-Schuhhaus gift voucher, you as a donor can individually determine your desired amount for your gift voucher and give much joy with first-class children's shoes. The residual value remains on the gift voucher after purchase and will be available for later transactions. This way, shopping in one of our SMW-Schuhhaus shops stays readily uncomplicated over several years.

We have delightful gift voucher designs for every occasion, such as birthdays, christenings, holidays, etc. These gift vouchers are lovingly packaged and will spark a lot of enthusiasm and joy in the recipient.

children's shoes up to size 40!


We carry models from leading children's shoes manufacturers

from first-step shoes to children's shoes in size 40

... in slim, medium and wide!