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Online purchase is not doable as it is our firm belief that children’s shoes must be purchased in professional consultation. In order to give you a taste of our leading shoe range, we have compiled a few impressions for you.

First Shoes

The purchase of the first shoes is usually a very special moment for a child, but also for the parents. We - at SMW-Schuhhaus - are specialized in offering our customers the best advice and this is especially important when buying first shoes.


Our assortment of children's shoes is characterized by a large number of top brands. The focus of our assortment is always on brands and manufacturers who focus on the healthy foot development of the child when developing their shoes.


Going barefoot is the most natural thing in the world. The human foot is developed in such a way that it "works" best without shoes. Nevertheless, in our modern world we find it difficult to get by without shoes. This makes it all the more important to wear shoes that do not impair our natural movement functions, but rather promote and support them in the best possible way.

Purchase Gift Vouchers

The most valuable gift in life is health. High-quality children's shoes in particular can promote and support healthy foot development during formative developmental phases of the child. With our SMW-Schuhhaus gift voucher, you as a donor can individually determine your desired amount for your gift voucher and give much joy with first-class children's shoes.

Healthy Slippers

An Austrian study carried out in 2001 in cooperation with the Regional Health Insurance Fund of Burgenland (BGKK) found that 59.4% of all children currently wear slippers that are too small.* Slippers are often worn much longer during the day than street shoes. Think of the kindergarten, school, after-school care and of course your home.


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