Our Consultation

Professional and personal consultation is essential for the right purchase decision! Our well-trained sales team always provides consultation with great passion and excellent expertise.  © SMW-Schuhhaus


In addition to the correct shoe length, the correct shoe breadth and shoe width are also crucial for a well-fitting children's shoe. The width is defined by the height of the shaft height of the shoe, the shoe width is determined by the breadth of the sole (outer sole/cover sole).

The SMW-Schuhhaus shops are equipped with electronic children's foot measuring devices, which have been developed in accordance with the internationally recognized width measurement system for children's feet (WMS). By using the measuring devices, the perfect fit of a child's foot can be determined within a few seconds! © SMW-Schuhhaus

WMS Foot Measurement

The SMW footwear stores are equipped with electronic measuring devices for children's feet, which have been developed in accordance with the internationally recognized Width Measuring System for Children's Feet (WMS) of the German Shoe Institute. After all, to ensure the perfect fit of children's shoes, it must be determined how long and broad the feet are.

We pay attention to the fit of children's shoes and take care of children's feet! You can have the fit checked by us at any time, because it is important that this is checked regularly! © SMW-Schuhhaus

Good Fit - Healthy Feet

Children walk about 3.5 million steps a year - we believe this makes children's shoes the most important piece of clothing. Children's feet are growing and are constantly changing.
The pain perception of children's feet is not yet as strong.