WMS Foot Measurement

The SMW-Schuhhaus shops are equipped with electronic children's foot measuring devices, which have been developed in accordance with the internationally recognized width measurement system for children's feet (WMS). By using the measuring devices, the perfect fit of a child's foot can be determined within a few seconds! © SMW-Schuhhaus



The SMW footwear stores are equipped with electronic measuring devices for children's feet, which have been developed in accordance with the internationally recognized Width Measuring System for Children's Feet (WMS) of the German Shoe Institute. After all, to ensure the perfect fit of children's shoes, it must be determined how long and broad the feet are. This is done completely automatically with our electronic foot measuring devices. Within a few seconds, the measuring devices determine the breadth/width as well as the current foot length.

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We take care of children's feet!
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The SMW-Schuhhaus is a certified children's shoe specialist.

We have been awarded with the "WMS Children's Shoe Specialist" seal of approval by the German Shoe Institute.
WMS stands for Width Measuring System for children's shoes and is a renowned system developed by doctors and scientists to guarantee a healthy fit in terms of length, width and width for children's shoes.
We offer foot measurement with official WMS measuring devices, both electronically and manually. Our product range includes a wide variety of WMS children's shoes and our sales team is trained in accordance with the latest WMS content.
With the WMS measuring system for children's feet, the purchase of fitting children's shoes can be professionally managed. Parents and pediatricians know: The most accurate measurement is carried out by the WMS system developed by orthopedics.

SMW-Schuhhaus - Your Specialist for Children's Shoes, 2x in Vienna! We take care of children's feet! © SMW-Schuhhaus

SMW Schuhhaus Info

We measure children's feet with WMS certified electronic measuring instruments.

How often do feet have to be measured?


1st – 3rd year: every 2 months
4th – 6th year: every 4 months
7th – 9th year: every 6 months

As a rule of thumb:

1st – 3rd year: up to 4 sizes per year
4th – 6th year: up to 3 sizes per year
7th – 9th year: up to 2 sizes per year
from the age of 10 until the feet are fully grown: up to 1 size per year